Talks by Guy Kawasaki -3

Kawasaki on Innovation

Don't wait for perfection. If he  wait for CPus to be faster or cheaper, they would never have shipped the Mac 128K. They shipped then tested.

This is terrific advice from Kawa who tells the Stanford students not to spend any money crafting a mission statement. Your employees will not remember it anyway. Just create a three word mantra, Kawasaki goes on to explain offering examples of what they should be for well known brands.

This is all the marketing you need to know. 
If everyone is doing what you do then you compete on price-This is not a good place
You provide something nobody else does, not no one wants it. This means you are stupid.
You provide something someone else can. Then you are a dotcom.
The holy grail is to be the only white tulip in a field of crappy tulips? How can go do this? Fandango does this well. You can be assured after you buy a ticket online.

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