Zeitgeist08 Talks -Part 1

Convergence of Art and Science

This is an interesting discussion among Forest Whitaker, actor, Wyclef Jean, Musician, Producer and Social Activist, Chris DeWolf, CEO, MySpace and James Wiatt, Chairman and CEO, William Morris Agency.

It begins with Wyclef leading the panel through a gut -wrenching film on the atrocities caused by three back to back hurricanes in Haiti. Forest Whitaker then speaks of how his experiences in New Orleans while shooting a film prompted him to spread awareness of the calamities there.

Next,DeWolf , the CEO of MySpace goes on to say that traditional media like TV and radio are inadequate to spread the work and sites like MySpace would enable artists and musicians to get the word out on any message they seek to spread.

Further, DeWolf claims, that the Internet has given a forum to help rising artists promote their work. The technology community and music community could join hands rather than fight and have sponsors help bring music from rising stars online legally.

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