Book Review: Cross

Alex Cross, the character popularized by Morgan Freeman in 'Kiss the Girls' and 'Along came a Spider', is back. This one is a younger version of Cross, probably more romantic. As the novel's tale progresses, he is soon widowed by a mysterious killer and raises two children with his grandmother.

Alex is now in private practice, having quit the FBI and has made a truce with himself that his wife's murderer has got away. Then his former FBI colleague Samson shows up, seeking help on a case, a case that offers a chance of retribution. A low life in custody has offered Samson a deal, claiming that he knows the killer of Alex's wife.

There is another parallel plot involving a handsome, twisted hit man who mutilates, rapes and kills his victims at the bat of an eyelid. He has a vendetta of his own against, a mob boss's son who betrayed him. Could this be the killer but Alex's wife? Cross is an excellent read, fast paced and riveting. This is the best Patterson book I've read.

An interesting observation:

The hitman's name is Michael Sullivan and he has a vendetta against his mob boss's son. Why does that sound so familiar?

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