Taiwan Cafe, Chinatown Boston

Hidden in the corner of Oxford and Beach street, Taiwan Cafe, modest in appearance is easy to miss by many a passerby. However, it is truly one of Chinatown's hidden jewels. With a variety of many interesting dishes, Taiwan cafe is not your typical Chinese restaurants. 

I have been here several times while attending MIT. However, this was my first visit in a long time. For appetizers, we savored the beef tendons  served cold with soya sauce and delicious Peking ravioli. For dinner we had three entrees including the delicious sauteed beef with long horn pepper. The other two dishes we had were Jumbo shrimp with chili sauce and the simmered chopped chicken leg with three essences in a hot pot. Both had their own special flavor and were unlike any dish I have ever tasted. The quantities were ample and Taiwan cafe was indeed worth the visit.

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