Movie Review: Ninth Gate

'There's nothing more reliable than a man whose loyalty can be bought for hard cash'
This is one of my favorite lines from this movie. Yes, Ninth Gate is almost a decade old,but it was new to me.  Director extraordinaire, Roman Polanski joins forces with the one and only Johnny  Depp in this supernatural thriller.

A book dealer(Depp) without a conscience is enticed into taking on a task of finding three copies of an enigmatic book and then to validate their authenticity. This book, titled the Ninth Gate is rumored to summon Lucifer.
Little does the dealer realize the magnitude of his undertaking. His endeavor takes him to Spain and leads him into a bizarre world of murder, twisted Satanic rituals and mysterious women and finally to the inevitable truth. 
I was a trifle disappointed, considering the genius that Polanski is known for. Nevertheless, worth watching on the small screen. Depp adds enough of his magic touch to make the movie worth watching.
'Many are called, but few are chosen.' This movie gives this statement a whole new meaning.

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