Umbria Restaurant

A few moons ago, we had a team dinner at Umbria, one of the fancier Italian restaurants in the Boston area.
Sure, the ambiance was good and its brick panels gave the place a lot of elegance. OK, now for the rest.

What is it about these restaurants, that they have to design their menu only for supermodels? The meal was good, but don’t ask me if it was worth the steep price. I ordered the Ravioli d’Aragosta which came in a bowl of flavorful sauce and had a few pieces of ravioli. The interesting part of the meal was desert which was delicious and a cross between yogurt and ice cream.

Apparently, the trick is to wine and dine your client or (supermodel)date in a place like this and then pickup a burger at Wendy’s on your way home. Your stomach will have plenty of room for it. (Wish I could say the same about your wallet.). Rajiv’s verdict: Enough said!

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