The Femisapien and the Robosapien

As mentioned earlier, I dig robots. Having done a few personal projects and one at MIT on Lego Mindstorms, I have now gotten into the world of WowWee, makers of some of the best robotic toys this decade.

 This robot, initially conceived by Mark Tilden was first released by Wowwee in 2003. It incorporated some of the most advanced capabilities for its time walking with legs, and  grasping and even throwing small objects.

It created a huge hacker community that has over the years created many hardware are software hacks.  Among the most popular of these is Robodance created by Robert Oschler.

Using Robodance, one may control the Robosapein from a PC using key strokes, voice control or by a Wiimote.  The Robosapien does not speak words. He grunts, farts and groans. This is fine with me. Some of the newer robots from Wowwee do come with speech but many of them simply have annoying voices.

Wowwee has since released several cool robots, one of which is featured below.


In 2008, Wowwee released  a mate for the Robosapien, the Femisapien. The Femisapien is a beautiful robot that moves with an elegant feminine grace. It does not come with a remote, for good reason.

There are many ways to interact with the Femisapien. One his through her joystick arms. Another by waving a hand in front of her face. Thirdly, one may control her using the remote control that comes with the Robosapien.
Infact, one can use the Robosapien remote to control the Femisapien to run joint interactive routines between the Robosapien and Femisapien.

Like the Robosapien, the Femisapien does not speak words.Unlike him, she squeals and giggles.And boy, can she dance? This robot moves with feline grace and and dance beautifully. Hold down her head for a couple of seconds and she will perform some beautiful moves to music.

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