Best of 2009 software Technologies: Part 3

Firefox 3.5
Any list of great software that came out of last year would be incomplete without the inclusion of Firefox 3.5. Firefox 3.5 has become the world's leading browser, stealing the thunder from

Release 3.5 has made Firefox to beat by including a slew of awesome features. Notable among them are

  • The awesome bar: This is the top address bar which provides intelligent suggestions as you type in an address or heading. Having used this feature, it would be hard for me to go back to other browsers. 
  • HTML5 support: Firefox supports HTML5 and as a result, video becomes part of the page. This means that Firefox can display videos on HTML5 compatible web pages without asking you to download flash.
  • Private browsing and forget the site features: Firefox features a private browsing mode to hide your identity while browsing sites, similar to Chrome's incognito mode.It also has a 'Forget the site' feature that allow you to delete a site from your browsing history.
  • Session Restoration: The ability to restor a session when Firefox crashes.
Firefox has proved that it is the clear leader in the browser world. All other browsers have a lot of catching up to do to take away users from Firefox.


Opera 10.10 is another HTML5 compatible browser. One unique feature it has called 'Unite' differentiates it from other browsers. Using this feature, you can stream music from any laptop or desktop to another machine on the network running a browser, also running Opera.

Google Chrome Browser for Linux and Mac

 In 2008, Google released the  Chrome browser. After observing the follies of Netscape. IE and Firefox, Google produced a browser that runs each of its tasks on a separate thread. This means that if a tab in the browser is stuck in the midst of connecting to a site, the user simply closes the respective tab and does not have to restart the browser. The interface for the browser is intuitive and minimal. This and other features including speed made Chrome a nifty browser. See my previous post on the features of Chrome.

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