Exploring Music-Media Centers: Doubletwist

Intended to be an iTunes replacement, DoubleTwist is a music center for your laptop or desktop that offers sync-support for a number of devices like the Android, the PSP, the Blackberry and the Palm-Pre.
As a substitute for the Apple Store, DoubleTwist allows you to purchase music from Amazon. The UI is fairly spartan, providing album art and support for creating libraries from your hard drives or devices. You can also create some playlists on DoubleTwist. Doubletwist can also play videos.

Unlike Winamp and Songbird, DoubleTwist does not offer any plugin and add-on development support or the ability to play Internet content. Doubletwist does provide an Api to add additional hardware support. DoubleTwist is too simplistic to pose any threat to iTunes, Winamp or Songbird.

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