The Wowwee Tribot


Released in 2008, the Tribot is another cool robot from Wowwee. It comes in twocolors, red and white. Unlike the Robosapien or his mate the Femisapien, the Tribot does talk. This is quite a detriment as it can be quite annoying.

He has three wheels and can move in six directions. He can also panic and sound an alarm by thrusting out his ears and screaming.

One of the modes he can be put in is the guard mode. Here he says quiet until he dectects motion in his path. When he does, he screams and raises his alarm.

Remote controlling of the Tribot is one of his most advanced features. The remote comes with buttons to move him in different directions and perform impressive routines. However, the coolest feature is that one can control the Tribot's motion simply by holding down a button at the bottom of the remote and then waving the remote in the direction he wants the Tribot to take.

Mr. Personality, another Robot made by Wowwee is an advanced version of the Tribot.

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