Savoring Flavors of Linux: PuppyLinux

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There are plenty of reasons to 'wow' this distro. One is the footprint size. The live CD ISO file is has a size of just 110MB and downloaded in a jiffy. As advertised all over the web, it can be used on older PCs with small .drives and memory.

Having said that, I have had some problems trying to revive some older PCs with Puppy. It runs well, however on a P3 Dell (T.800) . Another word of caution is that if you plan to do some heavy weight development on Linux, Puppy may not be the one you want.

Puppy's desktop is also great giving the user a wide choice of wallpapers, etc. I preferred the older version of Puppy, titled 'Deep Thoughts', to the latest version (4.3.1), when it came to default wallpaper.

Another reason to be impressed in the number of applications Puppy packs inside it. (There are too many to count. )All of these applications come out of the box. These include utilities, file system tools, games, office applications, multimedia, internet and network tools. The network tools include a firewall, FTP software, a VPN client and many more. One of my favourites is the simple to use, network configuration tool, 'Connect' If you need a good, free and fast system from older hardware for your basic you may want to a good look at Puppy Linux.

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