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Judging by the traffic on this blog, there seems to be a lot of interest in XBMC, the open source media center which was initially made for the XBox classic, but has now become a full fledged media center in its own right for many platforms. I have compiled a list of links below on XBMC that I found very helpful.

The XBMC site: This is the main XBMC site that has all the latest information and downloads for XMBC on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

XBMC for the XBox: For a number of reasons, the XBMC site does not include a donwload for the XBox. For the latest versions of XBMC for the XBox, this is where you go.

XBMC Plugins source tree: If you are familiar with checking out code with SVN, you can download most of the XBMC plugins at this URL. The plugins enable you to access online content from a multitude of sources like CBS, NBC universal, You Tube and so on. You can also access online music from sources like Last Fm.

Note: There is no XBMC plugin that I know that works with Hulu or Fancast as of this writing.

Getting XBMC on the XBox: (The old way) This article by Gina Trapani introduced the world of XBMC to me. I had little trouble getting it to run on the XBox. While it is an amazing feet getting an XBMC to run on a 64MB machine(XBox), people beginning their adventure with XBox are advised try to install it and test it out on a laptop or invest in a $200 nettop PC. (See below). Besides, Gamestop has stopped selling used XBoxes for $50. You'll have to get one off ebay if you do not have them already.
Running XBMC on a Net top PC: (the new way) This article by Adam Pash details how to install XBMC ona $200 nettop PC. The Acer Aspire Revo Nettop is a powerful nettop that comes with 1GB of memory and a powerful graphics card. This article leads you through a 'Live XBMC' install on the nettop.

Lifehacker offers numerous tips on customizing XBMC after you install it.

Hope you find these links useful for you.

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