Watchmen the Movie

Alan Moore's larger-than-life classic book has finally made it to the big screen, much to the anticipation of geeks like me. Big Screen, indeed! 

Watching any movie in IMAX is an experience in itself. The Jordan's IMAX in Natick is a remarkable venue equipped with audio-sensitive seats in addition to its giant screen to enhance both the visual and auditory experience.
Watchmen is one of those movies that should be watched in such a theatre.

Years ago, I reviewed the comic book as one of the best graphic novels of all time. Needless to say, expectations were high when I went to see the movie. Well, on the plus side, the movie was not completely a let down. Having said that, only a handful of movies have managed to bring the magic of the penned word (or image) to the big screen, and Watchmen, much as I liked it, does not make this cut. It probably went as far as a movie could go in such a reproduction.

The story takes place in an altered reality where Nixon is enjoying his fourth term, and the cold war has taken on a new form. The United States is on the verge of anarchy and the future of life itself depends on costumed heroes who exist among the public. Most of these superheoes have a secret identity. 

So beings a murder-mystery where one of these superheroes, christened 'The Comedian' is thrown off a building. The Comedian, intentionally or unintentionally bears a striking resemblance to Robert Downey Jr, which is an interesting observation by yours truly.

Back to the plot. Was the killing of the Comedian an isolated case, or is someone bumping off superheroes, one by one? As the plot unfolds, revelations begin to unravel in quick succession leading to a frightful climax that none of the protagonists can anticipate.

Watchmen asks the philosophical question as to whether humanity could decide the future based on intelligence alone, without the presence of ethics and morality. It goes on to say, that even those with the most noble of intentions must answer their own internal questions of right and wrong.  And sometimes, this linebetween good and bad is not always clear cut. 

The movie features some excellent special effects and the fight sequences are intense. The violence in this film is non-stop and extremely graphic, keeping up the spirit of the 'Graphic Novel'.

Despite the movie's shortcomings, I would recommend it. Watch it at the IMAX, if you have not seen it yet.
Here is the movie's official website.

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