Robots of Christmas Past - II

The Robopet, a contemporary to I-Cybie is another quality robot dog worth examining. Created by Wowwee, one of the most innovative toy manufacturers today, the robopet like his then ancestor I-Cybie and his recent descendant Wrex the Dawg, the Robopet also has a mind of his own.

Its legs do not pack the muscle or the elaborate gear and lever system as the I-Cybie but the Robopet has a flexible waist that aid in its abilities to twist and turn. Its waist can help it stand up even when the robot finds itself on its back. Its sounds are more robotic than canine. The robopet does not respond to voice control though a hacking community has successfully made it do so with a PC and Blue tooth adapters.

So how does the I-Cybie compare with the Robopet? This excellent short article analyses both these robots.

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