Web 2.0 Summit 08: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), John Battell

Web 2.0 Summit 08: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), John Battell
John Batell is a take-no-prisoners interviewer. Seen here is the interview with Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook, the world's youngest billionaire. He asks a few tough questions on the 15 Billion Microsoft handed to Facebook. Mark is a tough kid to scare. He speaks of Facebook's two revenue channels, brand direct and online advertising. He says that revenue is in the 100s of millions.

Batelle continues to question him on the Microsoft deal. Mark Zuckerberg mentions that the Microsoft deal is a smaller part of the revenue. He does mention that they are working of late on search and that Microsoft is a good partner for Facebook.

Is Balmer happy with the price, Batelle asks and Mark evades the question.He goes on to say that Facebook will not go public for a few years and feels no pressure to justify the 15 B.

Facebook has more than 700 employees says Mark. They continue to hire great technical people and expanding the sales force, he adds.

Facebook Connect has been announced for a while and now the closed Beta is going to be opened says Mark.

Bartelle then asks Zukerberg about facebook being a walled garden that is not jumping on the Open Source bandwagon. There is a transition from closed to open system and Facebook was one of the first to provide a development API, counters Mark.

Microsoft's claim to fame was its opening up its software to several hardwares says Mark. Facebook is now faced with the challenge of getting people to share their information online.

There is no way for Facebook to serve all the ways people share information concedes Mark. Over time people will have websites and use the Facebook platform to make it more decentralized, says Mark.

Facebook and connect are evolutions, says Mark. As poeple add applications, a new ecosystem has evolved. Now the model is more feed based, he claims. One example is the election conversations in the system..

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