Movie Review: Infernal Affairs

Having seen the Departed a few years ago, a movie that picked up several academy awards, including Best Picture, I finally got around to seeing the original Hong Kong movie that it's screenplay was based on.

Infernal Affairs is the movie and is, at least more riveting than the Departed. Andy Lao and Tony Leung deliver a tour the force performance and an offbeat end that is quite different from the one in the Departed.

Infernal Affairs is a cat and mouse game at two levels. One is between a top police and his nemesis, a notorious gang leader. Each of them has a mole in the other's team. So there is another cat and mouse game between the moles. 

The movie is fast paced, slick and violent and has an end that leaves the viewer  breathless, even if the viewer has seen the Departed. It is a must see for lovers of action movies.

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