Short Web 2.0 Clips

Web 2.0 Definition Revisited

While others have defined Web 2.0 as the 'Wisdom of Crowds','The long tail', social networks, peer collaboration, You Tube and Flickr,etc, here is yet another short clip where it is defined by the newer technologies it incorporates: Ajax, flash, mashups, SOA and web services. Andy Gutmans also describes it as bringing apps from the dektop to the browser.

Mashup Camp Silicon Valley 2008 - WSO2

WSO2 has created the first Mashup server with open source. Jonanthan Marsh, WSO2's director of technologies talks to InformationWeek's Fritz Nelson on this server.This server can incorporate web services, mash up several types of data and display them on a web page or as data to programs or as email. It is freely downloadable, installable and usable by both individuals and by teams of an enterprise. It can easily host web services. WSO2 can provide paid support. The advantage is speed of development.

It is usable without Java programming. One can use javascript to create applications.
You can copy, redistribute and even resell the server. The SOA architecture platform allows access to apache and rolls up web service, messaging, configuration and integration of webservices.
The webservice bus enables transform, route and audit messages as web services. The mashup server augments this offering by allowing easy scripting to bring these services online and allow user interaction with these services like emailing, download and display of services, etc. and display on a browser.

Here is the project home page.

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