Gary Vee is the Web 2.0 Antony Robbins

The more I watch Gary Vaynerchuk, founder  of the Wine Library TV, and one of the leading evangelists of Web 2.0, the more impressed I get. This guy is barely in his 30s and is living the American dream. He has been criticized by many for being obnoxiously loud, crass and unconventional.

If I were to give this guy advice(like he needs it) I would tell him not to change a thing, except his line of work. Thats right, Gary wine a'int for you. You should be a motivational speaker. Yes, I mean it. 

I've seen all his talks and he has all the goods.

1. He is caring about people. Gary is known to personally talk to all those who come to him with questions. Despite all his swearing, his messsage is very simple. Care for others and reach out.

2. He preaches tolerance in his own way. I loved this presentation where he is honest about his own shortcomings and says that he is respectful of all, including his critics.

3. He is unbelievably insightful. In this presentation I loved the way he breaks down Howard Stern's prepostous views of My Space and Facebook, never at any point discrediting Stern's success, but clearly explaining where the shock jock was wrong.

4. His public speaking skills are outstanding. Despite all that is said about his style, his public speaking abilities are outstanding.  He is a natural at introducing pauses between sentences,  adding voice variation and stressing on the important points to add additional impact.

5. He is passionate and his sincerity comes through in every one of his presentations, both on Wine library and on his blog. This is a perfect example of someone  epitomizing the Antony Robbins 'Live with Passion Mantra'.

6. He embodies the American dream and thus has built credibility. In the movie 'War of the Roses', Danny DeVito made the memorable quote: 'When someone who earns $500 an hour gives you advice, you better listen'. This is great advice to all his critics. Gary took his parent's wine business with his gift in savoring wine, turned it into a multi million dollar business.

7. His How-to Messages in achieving an objective are crystal clear. Never before have I seen any speaker deliver a detailed message in explaining how to present an idea as well as Gary can.
Check out this presentation where he explains how to build a show on baseball cards.

8. He has convictions and a strong opinion on the world. Whether one agrees with him or not, one has to admit that it is only those with strong convictions that ultimately succeed. Watch this outdoor presentation where Gary delivers a speech on the current state of the economy and how one may capitalize from it, by what he calls the 'Hussle'. (Warning: He swears a lot in this presentation.)

9. The man is a genius on branding. There is no question about this one as is obvious in all his presentations.

Move over Tony Robbins, here comes Gary Vee.

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