What does the Google phone mean to Apple?

Earlier this week, Google released the T-Mobil G1, as it announced its entry into the mobile space. The G1 release did not have half the fanfare of the iPhone, but well, one of Google's big claims to fame has always been  its unassuming nature in the technology marketplace.

From the first impressions gathered from the web, the G1 is not big on looks but features a few built in gimmicks like the search screen with a touch of a button, Googletalk, music player, maps with street level resolution and the like.

It is not as trendy as the iPhone but does that matter? Not if we look at History. Remember how Microsoft licensed out windows and  sent Apple's closely guarded software and computer almost into extinction? The facts that the Apple computer had better quality and looks hardly made a dent on Microsoft Windows sales.

Google has advertised openness as a big facet of the Android OS. This is to entice other cell phone makers to use Android on their OS. Being close guarded about its own OS has cost apple dearly in the past. 

This time Apple has to content with the added factor that Google can give them stiff competition with quality as well.  This means that Google can commoditize cell phones with superior features in the near future. How does Jobs plan to combat the Google machine now?

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