Movie Review: No Country For Old Men

The Cohen brothers who gave us the classic black comedy Fargo in the 90s return with this masterpiece. No Country for Old men,a movie totally neglected by the Globes went on to win the Oscar for best picture this year.

The movie features Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem and Oscar winner and Tommy Lee Jones with each delivering great performances. Josh Brolin plays a Vietnam vet who finds himself in the midst of a gruesome desert war zone littered with corpses, both human and animal. He also finds a large fortune that he decides to keep.

On his trail is an cold, calculating sinister and emotionless escaped con, masterfully played by Barden. On their trail is an old grizzled Sheriff, played by Tommy Lee Jones, the narrator of the violent tale.

No County has been called a thriller, a cat and mouse game, a western and a horror movie. It is all of these, yet none of these. It holds the viewer in its grip and never lets go. It is a cat and mouse game but does not conclude like most commercial 'chase' movies.

Many will be disappointed with the end. If you expect justice, retribution and romance of the kind we expect from Hollywood movies, there is none of these here. The theme has to do with grim reality and holds a powerful message. The end, like the movie itself is offbeat and unexpected. Worth watching is my verdict.

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