Movie Review: Michael Clayton

George Clooney teams up with John Gilroy to deliver a tour de force performance that would land him an Oscar nomination in 2008. This is a classic legal, whiste-blower tale where a lawyer must choose between his own integrity and saving his own skin.

Clayton is a self proclaimed 'janitor-attorney' or 'fixer'. He is a master at covering up evidence that implicates his law firm's wealthy clients. One day, a colleague of Clayton seems to have lost his head by behaving in an inappropriate manner. When Clayton is sent to do damage control for the situation, which threatens to damage the reputation of his firm, he uncovers a can of worms that forces him to make a moral decision.

The screenplay is slick and riveting and Clooney adds class to this stylish thriller. Michael Clayton does not have the courtroom drama of 'A Civil Action' or the humourous interludes of 'Erin Brokowich'. I did feel that the end was a bit of a let-down as I was expecting a grand courtroom showdown, and there was none. The end was a bit of an anticlimax, that would work only in a movie.

Nevertheless, Michael Clayton is a worthy watch for the home screen.

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