Doomsday Monday

Matt Cassel may have made the day for most Patriot fans last night, but today it was sheer murder on Wall street. With Lehman brothers filing for Chapter 11 and the Dow loosing 504 points, the biggest loss since 2001, the day certainly did not promise brightness.

Then there was more financial news, which was good for the chosen few and uncertainty and possible future devastation for many.

What does the sale of Merill Lynch to Bank of America mean to Wall Street? It means change. What does it mean to all those departments that overlap between the two combining financial powers?
It means floating in the seas of uncertainty and possible layoffs.

As I walked to work, the streets were bustling with activity. NBC 7, WBZ 4, ABC 5 and NECN, all had their news vans parked on the street, just outside the Bank Of America offices and interviewing those who worked there.

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