Lannan Ship Model Gallery High Street Boston

I thought that this was the most appropriate article for Sept 19th, the International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Boston's Financial District, an urban jungle of financial institutions and restaurants is the most unlikely place for an antique store, especially a Ship Model Gallery. However, this is where Lannan Ship Model Gallery is located, and seems to hold fort with its offerings. If one were to look into into windows, one would see a lot of its 'Ship' paraphernalia but also a dearth of customers, most of the time.

The store owners do not seem to be too concerned. The sign on the door says that they are open by appointment only. However, as I walked into the store, the sales person was quite amicable and let me in to take a look. My guess is that Lannan has a debonair clientele that makes appointments ahead of time and knows what it wants from the store.

Inside the store are a lot of models of ships, paintings, compasses, scopes and 'nautical' items', all steeply priced. The sales person told me that they are brought in from several places. Most objects looked clean and well maintained, and exquisite. This is a great place to window shop, while on a lunch break.

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