Restaurant: Roberts Maine Grill and market

Your visit to Maine is not complete unless you try out their 'world famous' seafood. The restaurant we used to sample the food this time was Roberts Maine Grill and market. The lighthouse on the restaurant's exterior beckons to travelers on Route 1. One look at its parking lot reveals that many have headed its call.

The decor inside is impressive and the maitre' d was friendly. He pulled out a live lobster from a tank near the restaurant entrance and invited us to hold it.

The restaurant, according to locals is fairly new, but its management has been in the business for years. This was amply evident from the dishes they served. The clams were fresh and had a light flavor of the ocean unlike those served in Boston restaurants. As the special of the day(the grilled swordfish ) was sold out, I ordered the baked Haddock for dinner. It was delicious.

For desert, I ordered bite size portions of the Sunday and received the whole portion, at no extra cost. (Not a bad deal)

I washed down dinner with a glass of Smuttynose blueberry ale which had a great flavor. This is one of the best seafood restaurants that I have been to, in the recent past.

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