Regeneration Tour

Last Wednesday(8/20), I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Regeneration Tour Concert at the Bank of America Pavilion. The event featured several 80s bands like Naked Eyes, ABC and Belinda Carlistle. If not for anything else, I would recommend the venue just for its ambiance.

Located within walking distance of Downtown Boston, the pavilion overlooks the ocean and is a pretty scenic locale. It is open air, making it the ideal place for summer events such as this.

The evening's event was good with many of these one-time-famous bands performing songs they used to be known for. Naked Eyes played Promises and many in the crowd seemed to know the lyrics. ABC also put on a good show with its lead singer dressed in an orange suit and looked more like the anachronism than his songs. The finale of the event was Belinda Carliste, the former lead singer for the Go-Gos who sung oldies like 'Circling the sand', and 'Heaven on Earth'. All in all, it was a delightful evening.

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