The tennis match of the century

This weekend we saw the match of the century, probably the longest men's finals ever at Wimbledon. It was unfortunate that Federer could not win his 6th consecutive championship, but Rafa(Rafael Nadal) went on to be the first person to win both the French and Wimbledon in the same calendar year since Borg who performed this feat in 1980. Coincidentally, the Borg-McEnroe showdown of 1980 was considered the match of the previous century.

It was said that Ali and Fraser needed each other, as did Borg and McEnroe, as did Edberg and Becker. Few pundits would disagree with me when I say that Nadal and Federer needed each other. It is the strongest opponent that brings out the best in a player.

I had mentioned earlier, that the media hype might jinx Federer. Unfortunately, my prophecy turned out to be true. Anyway, no real hard feelings from me as to how things turned out. It was touching seeing John McEnroe almost breakdown after the match and thanking the players for their outstanding performance.

This is as close to perfection that a tennis match can get. The groundstrokes were outstanding. The winners were sheer poetry. The volleying from Federer was awesome and Nadal's power was simply scintillating to watch.

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