Book Review: Step on a Crack

This is another run of the mill tale from Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. The plot opens somewhat promisingly. The first lady is fatally poisoned and the perpetrator swears that this is only the beginning.

The funeral of the diseased is held in a huge church in New York and is attended by high profile people who include Politicians, Wall Street bigwigs and media celebrities.The church is sieged by a mysterious group of terrorists and as expected they are making demands.

Thrown in the situation is the protagonist, Michael Bennett, a NYD cop and former negotiator. Though he is never in any physical trouble from the terrorists, the task of rescuing the funeral attendees fall on his already burdened shoulders.

Bennett is the father of ten children and his terminally ill wife lies in a hospital close to the church. This is an attempt by the authors to be a thriller-cum-tearjerker and falls flat in both areas.

After watching movies like the 'Negotiator',I found the book pretty mediocre.
My verdict for this book is: Forgettable!

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