Dinner in Seattle Part I

Mae Phim is a tiny Thai restaurant near the corner of Pine and 2nd, next door to the farmer's market. It has won several accolades like one of Seattle's top 10 restaurants and has a Zagat rating(Apparently size does not matter). It is easily one of Seattle's Hidden Jewels. The decor is ordinary ,the waitresses amicable.

Both times I had dinner there the bill was a under $10 for an entree, ice cream.
The first night I had the Gang Penang Chicken. Despite the word 'Penang' in the dish, the dish had a rich Thai flavor. The second time I had the Curry Chiken soup which tasted like a delicious curry one would serve with rice. The soup did have noodles in it and had a rich spicy flavor. Both times I was impressed. I'll definitely visit it.

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