Blogger: My favorites and pet peeves

Having used Blogger for almost half a decade, I consider myself one of the faithful ones unlike more ambitious people who have moved on to Typepad or Wordpress. With Google acquiring blogger, I assume that Blogger is here to stay! However, the journey has not been a painless one and it has been a mixed bag of blessings and curses.
Here is a listing of some of each:

The bad:
No merge utility: It is amazing that blogger does not provide a way to merge multiple blogs into a single blog. Like many others I started off creating many blogs to cater to my various interests. However, like most I realized that maintaining more than a single blog in painful, tedious and inadequate. My interests were too numerous to be compartmentalized in blogs. The technologists behind the blogs realized this and offered the ability to put in tags that let me sort out my posts in multiple ways. Now that was great but there is no way to merge all my older blogs into this blog. I have begun the tedious process of cutting and pasting each of my entries into this blog and consolidate my posts. I am open to new suggestions.

The number of picture uploads is limited, especially if I don't have a premier account with Picasa and Flickr. I use Buzznet for my images, though I am unhappy that I cannot have high resolution images on this site.

Blogger does not offer many features like plugins and the like offered by the other hosting sites.

The good:

I like many of the features blogger has added over the years: Spell checker, ability to add video and audio,etc.I also like the recently added ability to add labels to my posts as it helps me sort by posts in a variety of ways.

The other day, while moving my entries, I accidentally deleted one of my blogs. Thank s to a little known feature offered by google I was able to recover all the contents of my blog.
I'll have more to say on this issue soon enough.

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