Book Review: Simple Genius

Despite the fact that I really loved the last book I read , I decided that on this trip, I was going to read something light.

It had been a while since I read fiction. I decided to pick up David Baldacci's 'SimpleGenius', the New York Times bestseller, just to get familiar with what 'everyone else' was reading. The first 200 or so pages were not impressive. My first reaction was "So how did this one make it to #1 on the bestseller list?"

The story revolves around two investigators, the stereotypical tall tough nice guy Sean King and his cohort, Michelle Maxwell(who must work thorugh her own problems), the cliched good looking blackbelt. Both are investigating the mysterious death of some guy in a fictitious town in Virgnia. The duo are apparently fixtures in several Baldacci novels.

There are the stereoptyical old maid's tales on CIA and government conspiracies and there is a sterotypical autistic child who holds a deep dark secret which the duo must unravel. There is of course, a parallel plot involving Michelle's secret.

Well, not a bad read and as the saying goes, nothing to write home about. My verdict: It did not deserve the #1 spot in the NY times bestseller list.

Having said all this, I did like Baldacci's narrative and some parts of the book where he explains complex concepts like private-public key in lay person's terms.

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