HD with a TV Tuner

Curious to find out about the hype behind HD and its quality, I invested in one of these babies and an inexpensive HD antenna. Was I impressed?

The picture quality is astounding, eons better than cable. The same is true about the audio quality. Best of all, its free! Hidden quality channels, mostly PBS ones came out of the woodwork and I was blown away. In adding to NBC, CBS, ABC, ION, PBS HD and a few others others are the Create channel and PBS World.

So I wonder, is Comcast going to broadcast its programming in HD by February next year, the day all analog broadcasting will cease? I have my doubts.

Will most of us have to trade in our old TVs or invest in some device that converts analog to digital? I also wonder why the media hype about this event has not taken off yet, with the Feb. 19th deadline looming around the corner. Isn't this Y2K for your TV set?

Lets wait and see. We did survive the real Y2K. We'll certainly live through this one.

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