The Python Of the Opera

Monty python's Spamalot, now playing at the Boston Opera House is a must-see for the Broadway buffs and fans of the irreverent humor of the legendary Monty Python shows. Be forewarned, the original Python cast, the parrot sketch, the exploding penguin, silly walking or Gumby are NOT included in this script. The show does, however feature the fish slapping dance.

The script for the show, for the most part is based on the screenplay of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' and is written by Eric Idle. It has some updates too, updates that push the limits of parody and political correctness.

This version of the Artur saga features the lady of the lake, the knight who never gives up, the taunting Frenchmen, the swallow-coconut joke and many of the scenes from the original screenplay, including the one with the vicious killer rabbit. In addition, it also includes a Camelot(Spamelot) the resembles Vegas and some irreverent dialogs that involve one of Arthur's knights coming out of the closet. Arthur and his knights also encounter an 'expensive forest' where trees display shining dollar-signs.

Further, there is also a new tale added to Arthur's legend. In addition to the quest for the Holy Grail, the knights are also on the trail of a Broadway show and must find 'Jews' to help them reach their goal.

The script attempts to make a parody of the original screenplay itself. The cast members of Python were often accused of male chauvinism. True to this sentiment, a diva bursts into song toward the end of the play complaining that she has not had the chance to show off her talents.

The sets for the show that include the expensive forest, tall towers of fortresses, and the Vegas-like Spamelot are magnificent. If you like Monty Python, you'll love Spamelot. The acting is excellent, the singing is good and the dances are very well choreographed. The show also includes a song from Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'. (Guess which one!)

Finally a review of Spamelot would be incomplete without a description of the venue. The Opera House, after its renovation is spectacular and worth atleast half the price of admission. With ceilings decked in gold and chandeliers lighting up its hallways, the Opera house is a magnificent site to behold.

Choosing to go on a weekday was a wise decision we made. In addition to getting good seats at a reasonable price, we also got free parking in South Boston. Don't miss this show if you have a taste for theater and Monty Python's irreverent comedy. If you can, try to squeeze it into one of your workdays.

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