Book Summary: Microtrends - Part III-concluded

Here are more Microtrends to look out for:
Tailor Made Religions : Religions and churches are becoming more adaptable to people's needs. New religions are being created.

The Homeschooling Boom: More and more people are homeschooling their kids today. As a result, seminars are curricula are increasing too.

The blurring line between the sexes: no comment.

French Teetotalers: The consumption of wine in France is now going down. This is partly for health reasons, partly because of religious reasons(due to France's growing Muslim population) and partly because of the major decrease in the time it takes to have dinner from decades ago.

As a result, the wine industries of Australia and the United States are gaining ground. This would be as big a revelation as would be if the Chinese were to give up Tea and the Japanese were to give up Susi.

Vietnamese Entrepreneurs: Though strongly communist, Vietnam's economy growth is outperforming Indian and Chinese economies. More multinationals are investing in Vietnam and Vietnam's exports to the US is 5 times the quantity it imports from the US.

Italian Stay Home Men: While living with parents is generally frowned upon in the United States(a la George Castanza of Seinfeld and Norman Bates of Psycho) 82% of Italians live with their parents. Some experts attribute this to Italy's growing unemployment. The unemployment in Italy is in turn caused by a fall in Italian Exports, thanks to increased competition from China.

Russian Swing Voters: According to surveys, Russians are no longer very infatuated by democracy and most Russians prefer a strong leader than to a democracy. With Russia preparing for its democratic government, with Putin and Chess great, Kasparov leading some parties, the swing voter may be the key to whoever wins the election.

European Only Children: The population of Europe is falling at an alarming rate. Many European couples are settling for just one child. This, the author believes will mean that a younger generation of increased confidence, and strong will. This generation, will be outnumbered in Europe by the elderly.

Chinese Picassos: With the increase in income and improved lifestyles brought about by China's growing economy, China's artists are growing in popularity. Many of the World's most famous museums plan to open branches in China.

Indian Women Rising: Indira Nui of Pepsi, Sania Mirza of tennis fame, Sonia Gandhi and Mira Nair are some examples the author gives

Educated Terrorists: Contrary to popular belief, most terrorists today are well educated and come from well-to-do families. Many have studied abroad. Even Usama Bin Ladin is a civil engineer.

Microtrends are testimony that individuality is being celebrated more now, than ever before. Some may be fun, but the author insists that they all have a serious undertone. Together they come together and bring about a collage of varigatedness.

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