Book Summary: Microtrends - Part II

Also among the rising trends:

Shy Millionaires: These are millionaires who contrary to popular beliefs, stay out of the spotlight. Most of them attended public schools but have kids that go to private schools. They may be seen at the Targets looking for bargains or looking for Financial planners.

Tattooing has gone mainstream. The author asks: Where is the Mcdonalds of Tatooing? He believes that there is a big market here.

The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, thanks to advances in technology, falling prices and almost negligible recovery time.

Techno Fatales: Radio shack and Best Buy are missing out on this segment.It is the techno crazy women they must target. Apple and Sony seem to have caught on with multi colored laptop offerings and the like. We are also seeing dressy laptop bags and other such accessories to cater to this segment.

Petite women still exist. Thanks to the arrival of Latino and Asian women, we have more petite women than ever before. The fashion industry must open its eyes to this segment, says the author who claims that it is focusing more on making larger sizes.

Fashionably Techie: While the geek of yore stayed away from everyone else, using technology as her ally, the modern trendy people of today use it to stay closer to one another. The author uses MySpace and Facebook as examples.

The TechnologyPhobes: Believe it or not, this segment is growing too. These are people who are vary of opening up to technology and to others around them. Publishers, and yoga therapists can make use of a great opportunity by targeting this segment. However, finding these people can be a challenge as they cannot be found online.

Gaming Adults: People over 55 account for 1/3 of the video gaming industry. However, the gaming industry only seems to target the younger generation. The author believes that there is an existing market for the older generations that the video game makers must target. He suggests a game based on corporate finance or a game that has to do with relationships to target this segment.

Classical Music: a paradox
While CD sales of classical music has gone down, online listeners of classical music is growing. About 14% of iTunes downloaded are classical.

The Bankrupt: Unable to keep up with inflation, more and more middle class people today are filing for bankcrupcy.

Second Home Owners: This is another growing segment. Contrary to popular beliefs, the average salary of second home buyers is only 75K.

Foreigners Buying US Homes: With the fall of the dollar and the comparatively easier process of home buying, more foreign nationals are buying homes in the US.

XXX: This trend is too well known. The net has made getting porn easy. Speak amongst yourselves!

Committed Adults Living Apart: This is a trend growing popular in the UK. Couples committed to each other decide to live apart to make it easier for themselves and each other to rule their own territories. When partners have to care for children from prior relationship or an elderly parent, this option allows them to reduce the complications in their lives.

Cougars:These are older women who seek younger men.

College Dropouts: While the media might glorify Bill Gates and James Woods for dropping school or Ted Turner or Woody Allen for being booted out, college dropouts rarely make it big. The author believes that there is a tremendous opportunity in aiding this segment with courses in completing the degrees they signed up for, when they went to school.

Number addicts: While not too many Americans enroll in Science or Math majors compared to the Chinese or Indians, the author believes that there is a fascination for Math and Science that can see a resurgence of these. He thinks, among some others, Al Gore is responsible for this. He cites the popularity of CBS shows, Numbers and CSI as evidences of this trend.

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