Sensitivity in America

Guess this falls into Reader's Digest' 'All in a day's work genre.'

A colleague, friend and a member of the QA team(All three are the same person) was actually a healthy guy. One day, as he went about his normal chores, he felt that his heart was beating abnormally fast.
A visit with a doctor revealed that he needed surgery for a 'hole in the heart.'
The day of the surgery finally arrived. My buddy was just getting ready to leave. In a uniform show of solidarity, the rest of the QA team actually staged a mock fight as to
who was going to get his office, his computer,etc. I decided that since I could not stop them, I would join them.

The QA manager, a friend of mine and countryman told him not to worry and that he would take care of his things. Immediately, he stuck his name-tag on the surgery guy's computer.The place was ablaze with laughter. I also learnt about humor, American style.

For the record, the surgery went well, thanks to the lord and touch wood.I feel no shame in indulging in that behavior. Like this guy did, the real sport that he was, I would be laughing all the way to the operation room. As Harvey Mackay said in one of his books, there is no excuse to take oneself seriously.

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