Savoring Flavors of Linux: GoblinX

GoblinX is an interesting distro based on an old Linux distro called Slackware. The philosophy behind Slackware and now, GoblinX is to strive for simplicity. This means that while the like of Ubuntu strive to be compatible with as many devices as possible, GoblinX offers no drivers nor addons.
The GoblinX website offers 4 types of distros:
g:Standard: This is the original version that has 5 windows managers
g:Noblin: This is a Gnome based distro of GoblinX
and two other distros, GMini and GMicro.
I tried the live CD of the g:Standard distro on an old pentium III. The UI is slick. The g:Standard packs a lot of  system and network tools.
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