Savoring the Flavors of Linux: OpenSuse


OpenSuse is another popular Linux Distro, sponsored by Novell. Version 11.1 ran wonderfully on a Pentium II 866 mHz and was quite fast. I had my heartaches trying to install 11.2 from a Live Cd though(I tried both the KDE and Gnome versions). A network install CD finally had me up at running with 11.2. I went for the KDE version. The network install takes about 3 hours.

Open Suse 11.2 has an impressive look and comes with an impressive set of applications. In addition to Open Office and games, it features Choqok, a desktop client for microblogging on Twitter and Identica. It also comes with Xsane, a scanning software that works with most scanners and Marble, a Globe, a Geography tool.

One of OpenSuse's claims to fame is its application installer Yast, which is more powerful that Yum and aptitude, the installers on Fedora and Ubuntu. Yast offers the ability to add the latest, greatest versions of applications housed on the OpenSuse machine.

Open Suse is another safe choice for anyone looking for a slick desktop. It does not have as many applications as Ubuntu, though. With Ubuntu and Fedora, Opensuse is one of the big three in the Linux world.

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