Savoring Flavors of Linux: gOS

Here is another OS that can revive that old P3, collecting dust in your basement or closet. gOS, or Good OS is one of the most creative of ideas when it comes to delivering a desktop. If you want a powerful system with all the latest, greatest Linux tools, gOS may not be the system for you.

On the other hand, if you want a basic system and prefer to do all your work online or are a big fan of Google and the tools Google offers, this may be the system for you.Do not confuse gOS with the Google Chrome OS which Google plans to deliver next year.

Though years behind in simplicity, the philosophy of gOS is,(believe it no not,) similar to that of that of the forthcoming Chrome OS. Keep the machine uncluttered by doing all your work in the 'Cloud'. This means do your work online with online tools.
gOS comes with Firefox, Skype,icons linked to Google docs, Blogger, youtube, gmail,Google calendar, Google Finance, Google maps.,etc. Clicking on an icon brings up the respective application in the Firefox browser.
gOS is simple and functional.

The desktop may be best described as a mashup of Goofle widgets and a basic linux system. Walmart, a few years ago offered a $300 PC which ran gOS.

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