FengOffice: A decent office colllaboration Tool


DO you want a central repository for your firm where people can share notes, documents, tasks, deadlines, statuses, etc. on Customers, Project, Corporate policy,etc? Feng Office (formerly OpenGoo) may be an option you could consider. You could listen to their promotional video,try out the free version first, and then decide if you want their premium version.

Feng office runs off Apache and uses MySql. (You could easily have it running on Xampp covered earlier.

While Google docs may be an alternative, you may feel it is more secure to keep you data on a local server. Besides, Feng Office is customized for office collaboration. It allows configuration of email,document upload time tracking and more.

With FengOffice one creates 'Workspaces' like Customers, Projects, etc. Within the workspace, one may keep relevant information like notes, email, tasks, statuses, links, documents and reports. Accoring to the website, Feng office is the most popular collaboration tool. It is certaiinly an option for small to medium sized firms.

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