Two forgettable Flicks

I liked the X-men trilogy. In fact I liked it more than the Spiderman series. Then add all the media hype on X-men Origins: Wolverine, there was no way I was going to miss X-men origins: Wolverine.

Wish I had missed it. This movie was a disaster. With cheesy stunts, an inane plot and terrible dialogs, this would easily be among the worst movies I had seen. Even Hugh Jackson could not revive this one. This movie is a disaster. Skip it.

Now lets look the second, Street Fighter, Legend of Chun Li. Well, there is nothing much to look at. This movie was hilarious, without any such intention. It was so bad- it was good! The dialogs were an anachronism. They belonged in a bad martial arts movie from the 80s with all the new age cliches about finding one's real self.

If you ever wanted to relive your Grindhouse memories a la Tarantino/Rodriguez, rent these movies on the same night and invite friends over. You are guaranteed to have a blast if you follow the plot and dialog carefully.

Only one question persists after I watched the second movie: What was an actor like Michael Clark Duncan of the Green Mile fame doing in the movie. The big guy plays a side kick to the caricature of some sort of mob boss.

On second thoughts, steer clear of both these flicks.

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