Movie Review: Gone Baby Gone

What do 'Seven', 'The Pledge', 'No Country for Old men' and 'There will be blood' have in common? These are all movies with non-conventional endings. 'Gone Baby Gone' (GBG) joins this list.
This movie marks the directorial debut of Ben Affleck, and stars his brother Casey Affleck in the lead role. The ensemble cast also includes Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris.

GBG begins as a thriller involving the kidnapping of a young little girl in a Boston suburb. Casey plays a sleuth brought in by the girl's family to find the girl. As the plot evolves, it opens up an intricate web of evil and unholy alliances forged among the girl's relatives, gangsters and even members of the police force.

Finally the story becomes fodder for a philosophical discussion about making ethical choices. The raw dialogs enhance the realism of the movie and add to the mounting tension.

The camera work is impressive. One particular scene is quite graphic adding more to the film's intensity. Kudos to Ben Affleck, who hails from my present hometown, Boston. With GBG, Affleck has made a decent directorial debut. I look forward to seeing more of his talents.

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