Portable Web Server Sandbox

In my previous post, I did mention that I am hooked on portable applications. Taking the initiative further, I followed Gina Trapani's advice on life hacker and soon had a MediaWiki up and running on XAMPP server right from my thumb drive. For those who are new to XAMPP, it is a packaged version of Apache, MySql, and PHP. Perl and Tomcat come as optional add-ons.
As my drive was big enough(8G) I was able to install the complete XAMPP server on my drive and did not have to settle for the lite version. It was a breeze to install and fire it up!

I was now totally into configuring my web server. Soon I had Gallery2, Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress all running from the webserver instance on the thumb drive. This thumb drive has become my official sandbox for web application testing.

Taking the concept further, I now have Tomcat and the Sun Glassfish server running from my thumb drive and use them to test out many J2EE applications with struts and hibernate.

Xampp can be downloaded with Tomcat and Perl addons here.

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