Talks on Creativity

Continuing on the theme of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's creativity and Zen, here are a couple more online talks on creativity.

Tim Brown:The powerful link between creativity and play

In this talk on TED, Tim Brown, the CEO of Ideo the design consulting firm shares his ideas on creativity. One of the descriptions of the Zen state is to become a child again. This is what Brown challenges us to do. This humorous and insightful speech, shows us how we can tap into our talents:
1. By making our workspace more nurturing of our creative talents. Among some of the examples, Brown shares are the Swiss office of Google that has a slide.

2. Children are creative, as they are not afraid to restrict their talents. As we grow up, we forget this innate doorway to creativity. We tend to edit and restrict our 'flow'.

3. Playing and seriousness go hand in hand.

4. There is a time to play and a time to stop playing as there is with kids.

Watch the rest of this presentation for some fun exercises that Brown gives his audience.

Lewis Pinault, LEGO Senior Director and General Manager, LEGO Serious Play for Business and Mark Hansen, Senior Director, LEGO Digital Play Studio

This speech by Pinault and Hansen combines ideas on creativity with the wisdom of crowds. Lego blocks have a vibrant history and have been used as playtools for kids, and as modelling and simulation tools by engineers. Engineers have constructed lifesize models of Dinosaurs, retinal scanners,etc. It is the user community that has used Lego blocks to build things unanticipated by the company.

Lego managed to tap into this user base and help them cobuild some of their kits. They then followed up by bringing users and have them build user kits by themselves. Further Lego then decided to give users the tools to create, license and publish their creations.

Now Lego supports new businesses and partners to create emergences and simply let it happen. Audiences spread across the globe can now collaborate digitally on models and share ideas on 3D models.

The executives feel that the younger generations could use lego to simulate new models and solve future problems. I loved this talk.

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