Movie Review:Quantum of Solace

The street fighting, error prone, jilted Bond is back and back with a vengance in this action packed sequel. In addition to the task before him, he has issues of his own. He is conflicted from the loss of a woman heloved, his anger towards her from betraying him and his anger towards himself for allowing himself to be played.

Quantum of Solace begins almost exactly where Casino Royale left off. Once again, the focus is more on Bond than on the evil designs of madmen. It is more about Bond seeking redemption for himself and his prior deeds.

Bond is still prone to recklessness. This time he is after the person who was responsible for the death of his woman. His assignment is not assigned by the British Government. In fact he must seek out the evil minds and then find out the the evil designs on these minds.This chase takes Bond from Italy to Bolivia. Bond joins forces with a woman who has a vendetta of her own.

Physically, Craig is the biggest of the Bonds and prefers fist fights and in chasing the bad guys on foot through elaborate sets. The movie is action packed and intense, but I expected more after watching Casino Royale. There are some great car chases and one particular chase has no doubt, been 'inspired' the the Bourne Ultimatum.

I also noticed that the last couple of Bond movies have cut down on gadgets that we had come to expect from these movies.This is probably a wise decision from the movie makers in realizing that audiences worldwide have probably seen the cutting edge of technology and would not be awestruck by electronic devices created by Hollywood.

Quantum of Solace is worth watching but I would recommend that you wait till it comes on on DVD/Blue Ray.

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