Movie Review: House of Sand and Fog(2003)

After watching a good action movie, which was not altogether mindless, watching great drama was a great transition this weekend. The House of Sand and Fog, combines the acting talents of two Oscar winners, Jennifer Connelley(A Beautiful Mind) and Sir Ben Kingsley(Gandhi, Sexy Beast) with the directing talents of Vadim Perelman.

It begs the question of who is right in their path of pursuing the American dream, a young woman who has a house handed to her through an inheritance, or a hardworking immigrant, who is hellbent on creating a good life for his son. 

The latter, Behrani(Kingsley) is willing to make what others may consider moral compromises, like living a life of pretence, or making a profit of a house, someone else had been forced to evict, on unreasonable conditions. That someone else, is Kathy(Connelley), a woman whose house was foreclosed on as the county she lives in, wrongly concluded she owed back taxes, that she did not pay off. 

As Behrani buys the house, through legal means, he believes that he has a right to the house. Thus begin a cyclone of emotions and happenings almost all disastrous in the lives of both protagonists.  Only fate can make a decision for both of them, as each clutches to her own strong beliefs and refuses to let go. 

Fate is not always just, and punishments it renders, are not always justified. With scintillating performances from all in the movie, House of Sound and Fog, is an unforgettable and intense viewing experience. 

My mentor, the late Chitra Parayath wrote of Ben Kingsley's performance in this film, "If Kingsley does not get a Oscar for this role, I will loose faith in the Oscars." 

Kingsley did not win that year and I can relate to Chitra's sentiment. I do believe that Kingsley will have his next Oscar soon enough. Even fate has to step aside for such a talent. 

The back of the DVD box says that the unexpected end would leave you  breathless. It sure will.

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