Mindmapping is a note taking technique invented by Tony Buzan and popularized by many, including Michael Gelb. It is based on the notion that the mind does not think with language and sentences and instead thinks in patterns, logic and pictures.

The left side of the brain is associated with logical thinking and the right with creativity and intuition. The traditional method of note taking is a left brain activity and is based on logic.  The problem with this approach is that the mind does not think linearly and thus makes forced list making inefficient. 

The mind mapping mechanism designed by Buzan integrates both sides of the brain and is thus a great tool for any task or set of tasks like making a simple to-do list, writing a novel or managing many projects simultaneously.

It is one technique that that has worked for me well over the years. When Buzan first introduced it, the lack of good software for mind mapping prompted Buzan to promote mindmapping on large sheets of paper. 

While this may still be effective in some cases, there are enough tools today from Mindjet Mindmanager to free software like my favorite, Freemind

Here is a list of mindmapping tools from
Below is a list of LifeHacker articles on mindmapping applications

Lastly, as mentioned in my one of my previous posts, I have been using Tiddlywiki a lot,of late. I have successfully been able to add  Minmapping features thanks to a plugin from TiddlyTagMindmap. I like it so far. Mindmapping is the most effective  and efficient way to take down and review notes.

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