Cheesecake Factory, South Shore Plaza, Braintree

The Cheesecake factory, located in the south shore plaza in Braintree is a great place for a business lunch or a romantic evening or just to enjoy the big game.
It is spacious and has an extremely elegant decor and a fine seating area. It's trademark cheesecakes are a fitting desert after a meal, if you are still hungry.

I say this because, in each of my visits, I had no other option but to bring home the leftovers for a delicious lunch 0r dinner the following day.
I was surprised that the menu was eclectic, featuring dishes from pasta, steak, fish, along with Mexican and South Asian cuisines.

I have tried the Orange Chicken, the Spicy Cashew Chicken or the Bang Bang Thai Chicken and Shrimp dish and are all well recommended. Also great in size and taste is the mammoth factory burger. You just have to make sure you have the appetite for it.

The Tex Mex rolls with the chutney and salsa makes for excellent appetizers.Finally, as it is located in the mall, there is ample spacing except for the holidays. I dare say, there will be ample parking during this holiday season :)

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