Notes from Web 2.0 Expo NY (Sept 16th -19th) -2

Irene Greif of IBM spoke of ManyEyes a collaboration and visualization tool. It is based on the philosophy that when many people look at data, some may present a unique perspective on it. For instance, when graphical data is uploaded to a site, many people looking at it may offer a new reason why the data looks like it does. The advantage is that one gets many insights from more people who look at the data. This may be textual data from a novel, a graph or Sarah Palin's speech and a look at frequently used words.
1. To keep up with the wisdom of crowds, your product has to be 'out there'.
2. To look at trends in the web that do not immediately look like having a business venture.

See the presentation here.

Ben Huh of I can has Cheeseburger spoke of the simplified explanation of Web 2.0. It needs two people to exchange ideas. This may be an agrument/agreement something on the website is funny. He spoke of the growth of the site and how he monitored user behavior and and how his traffic grew. View the presentation here.

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