My Web 2.0 surfings for 10-13-2008

On TED: Clay Shirky: Institutions vs. collaboration

Shirky talks about mass collaboration: Here are my notes.

The old answer to getting things done: Institutional
-Hire employees and consultants
-Impose a structure
-Limited by capability: Need to exclude.

The new answer is: Collaboration

Shirky deemonstrats this one, using Flickr as an example
- Cooperation -You shed costs but also loose the right to impose.
-Point to point replacement of coordination instead of planning. No need to decide or make advance plans.
- As this system gets bigger, the head gets bigger but the tail gets longer.
- This is the 80/20 rule. 20 percent of contributor's produce 80 % of the content.
- Unlike the institutional system, the coordination response is to allow users to contribute as much as they can.
- When institutions are told they are a hindrance they go into the four stages of grief.
-Most Linux contributors who fix patches have done only one thing. This could be something very valuable, like a memory leak fix. This fact can give Microsoft's Balmer the jitters.
-Blogging is another example of mass amateurization.
- Today support groups are created by the infrastructure rather than the institution.
eg:There are support groups for teenagers who want to be anorexic by choice
See the presentation here.

Here is a most basic introduction to Mashups
Here is a good introduction to Mashups.

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