My Web 2.0 Surfings 10-23-2008

What is Cloud computing?

This question is posed to many 'experts'. Here are the responses:
- If it needs extra hardware or software, it is not cloud computing
-An interconnected network of computers which has unlimited memory, space and reliability.
- A type of computing where one can go to bed at night secure that the data saved will not be lost, that your operations person can go on vacation, that you can balance your home and work life.
-If there are a zillion connections between me and someone else, it does not bother me as it is all abstracted from me.
-The idea of cloud computing comes from the early days of representing the network as a cloud.
(reminiscent of the black box concept). Expanding on this, we could abstract messages and documents  disappearing and reappearing from the cloud.
-Google attempts to create a social cloud and asks who is in the cloud.
-It will be all permeating in the web.
-The cloud can be used to save data: The desktop, mobile devices are all leaning toward the cloud.
-Just as electricity is served up today, data will be served from within the cloud.
-Clouds help startups implement ideas at an early stage without having to scale up.
-It is like liquid paper and can cover up mistakes.
-Me on an airplane working in the clouds.
-It is the foundations of Web 2.0. The network of networks is the platform.
- Everything we think of as a computer is a connecting device.
-It is a great way to think about delivering services
-OSs today are built on the pre-cloud era. It is time for a new OS
-Scaling on demand.
-City in the sky.
-Apps on the desktop, hardware elsewhere
-For developers not no worry about things.
-Cloud A and B connecting via lightning.

The big question is that now that it is here, what are you going to do?
See the presentation here.

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